Access Automation's internationally acclaimed products are now available in Australia

Access Automation Products Now Available in NSW

Access Automation Limited's internationally award winning products are now available in Australia.  Purchase directly from the manufacturer to get the best advice and price. Contact us to arrange a site inspection - our engineers make regular visits to Sydney.

Upgrade your old Inclined Lift

For those people wanting to modernize their old "rack and pinion' technology contact us today to discuss options of upgrading your system with modern and stylish components - without the cost of replacing the monorail beam.  Where the rail structure is still sound it may be a better option to upgrade than replace the entire structure.  Enjoy the advantages of modern Access Automation lift technology without the cost and complexity of starting a project from scratch.

Enquiries outside of NSW

Whilst we are concentrating the sales of our products in NSW, we are more than happy to look at enquiries in other areas of Australia.  Please contact us to discuss an access solution for your property.

Advantages of Access Automation Inclined Lifts & Cable Cars

Access Automation cable cars are packed with innovative features that offer a host of advantages compared to the more traditional "rack and pinion" type inclined lifts used in Australia;

  • Exceptionally smooth and quiet ride. Our cars glide on synthetic rubber wheels
  • Our cable cars are cable pulled.  There is typically a winch unit at the top of the rail and therefore no need for gears and motors whirring under the moving car as is common with traditional designs
  • Multi gradient rail systems are possible with Access Automation's proven levelling technology.  This, coupled with the ability to turn corners gives you the maximum flexibility for integrating the cable car system into your home.
  • Ingenious cantilevered car design eliminates the need for a pit or steps to the bottom platform on most installations
  • Custom design service for bespoke cars.  For those clients who desire something unique or require the car style to closely match the architectural style of their home, we offer a comprehensive design and build service for the cars.