Learn how our 25 plus years of cable car industry experience can benefit you - from concept development through to planned maintenance.


Cable cars are specialised machines that operate in an open environment and therefore should only be serviced by appropriately trained technicians.

For domestic installations we recommend 6 monthly planned maintenance visits. Our trained technicians have all the experience and equipment required to keep your cable car operating in a safe and reliable manner.

Modernisation/ Upgrades

We offer a full modernisation service to bring old cable cars up to the current New Zealand Cable Car standard, NZS 5270. Whether you require just an upgraded safety brake, a modern custom car, a new control system or complete replacement - we would be delighted to provide you with an estimate. Please contact us if you would like us to make a visit.


Independent Qualified Person (IQP) Inspections

Access Automation staff are registered throughout New Zealand as Independently Qualified Persons (IQP) for cable car inspections. We can also provide advice on the compliance and Warrant of Fitness process for residential cable cars that is now required by the 2004 New Zealand Building Act. For competent and professional advice on your cable car, contact Access Automation Limited - we are the only specialised cable car manufacturer in New Zealand with over 20 years industry experience.


Custom Design Services

Access Automation offers a team of experienced engineers who can provide a wide range of professional design and engineering services. Core skills and capabilities include;

  • Proven track record in highly innovative access systems.
  • Latest 3D computer aided design (CAD) systems to optimize mechanical designs and help illustrate to clients what the final project will look like.
  • Project management for those clients wanting a fully turn- key installation.
  • Design of control systems.
  • Professional engineers to assist in the preparation of the consents and council planning phase.
  • Experience in the design of custom cars.
  • Experience with cable car safety standards and compliance processes.