Cost effective and discrete - monorail cable cars offer practical and affordable access solutions to home owners.

Advantages of Monorails

Monorail cable cars are our lower cost option and are popular in many residential applications. Because the rail is typically only 200mm wide, these installations can be discreetly installed at private homes. The boxed beam rail used in all Access Automation cable cars provides a clean line and is torsionally stiff – this helps to keep the car stable on the narrow rail.

We offer both auto leveling and turning cable cars with the monorail system to give maximum flexibility in the layout of the landing decks and topography over which the cable car can be installed. There is no restriction on the maximum length of rail. In New Zealand, there is no restriction on the maximum gradient.

Limitations of Monorails

Car stability is lower on a monorail than a dual rail system. This leads to the following restrictions:

  • Operating speeds limited to 0.75 m/s maximum.
  • Maximum load limited to 400 kg.
  • Not ideal for large or fully enclosed cars.
  • Not ideal for very exposed or windy locations.
  • Not suitable for resorts, hotels or commercial use

The above limitations are addressed with our Dual Rail Cable Cars or our Commercial Inclined Lifts

Access Automation’s Auto Levelling Technology

Access Automation has developed a system to keep the car level as it travels over a track that changes gradient along its length. Our standard system can cope with total gradient changes of up to 45 degrees, a minimum gradient of 14 degrees and a maximum gradient at any part of the track of 90 degrees. The auto leveling system makes it possible to install a cable car on almost any site without the need for major excavations. The auto leveling system is available in our Monorail Cable Cars, our Dual Rail Cable Cars and our Commercial Inclined Elevators.

Advantages of the auto leveling system include:
The rail can follow the ground contours for a discreet installation.
Ideal for sites with limited space at road level - the cable car landing area can be set into the hill.
Maximum flexibility in positioning multiple landings, as they need not all be located on one gradient. This makes a shared cable car between neighbors a very viable option.

Access Automation’s Turning Technology

With our turning cable cars, the rail can make changes in direction i.e. turn left or right. The ability to make sweeping turns in the rail allows the cable car to pass around obstacles such as trees or buildings. This can also soften the appearance of the rail line. It is possible to combine both our turning and auto leveling systems to provide the ultimate freedom in setting rail geometry and unlocking the potential of hillside sites.

Standard Monorail Car Design

We looked to the marine industry when designing our standard open top cars. Made to your colour specification, these cars are functional yet durable enough to stand up to our harsh coastal environments. The addition of the optional canvas top provides further protection from the elements.

Two Person

Material Stainless Steel and Marine Grade Aluminum
Load 200 to 400 kg
Top enclosure Optional PVC soft-top
Car dimensions 850mm wide x 1,700 long x 1,200mm high walls

Four Person

MaterialStainless Steel and Marine Grade Aluminum
Load200 to 400 kg
Top enclosureOptional PVC soft-top
Car dimensions1,150mm wide x - 1,700 long x 1,200mm high walls

Custom Car Design

The design and style of car often needs to be very specific to each project.  At Access Automation we offer a custom design and build service to meet your specific dimensional and design requirements. We are happy to work with you or your architect's specifications.  Alternatively, let us know what you like from our Custom Cars gallery and we can create one for you.